Retired Member Status

BCS-ASD Retired Member Status & Standards

BCS-ASD Retired Member Status is awarded in recognition of previous specialty certification in Autism Spectrum Disorders. An application is submitted, based upon the Standards for BCS-ASD Retired Member Status listed below, and upon acceptance an individual is awarded with a certificate of Retired Member Status by the ABASD, kept informed of current ABASD happenings, and included on all lists of BCS-ASD. Retired Member status indicates to consumers that the specialist had obtained a significant milestone in terms of number of years of practice. Retired specialists are natural promoters of specialty certification.

The following standards need to be met in order to submit an application:

  • Applicant must be age 65 OR have held ASHA certification (CCC) for a total of 25 years (not necessarily consecutive).
  • Applicant must hold active specialty certification in Autism Spectrum Disorders (BC-ASD) at time of retired certification holder status application OR must have held the status of a certified (recognized) specialist at the time of retirement.
  • Must have held ASD specialty certification (recognition) for ten years (not necessarily consecutive).