Maintenance & Renewal

Implementation for Five Year Renewal

  1. Complete BCS-ASD Five-Year Renewal, Annual Membership Form, and Pay Renewal Fee

A renewal notice will be sent by the Administrative Office, which includes a due date. Payments must be sent to the Administrative Office along with the completed BCS-ASD Five-Year Renewal Form. 

  1. Verification of 500 Hours of Professional Activity

Sign the section of the form attesting to a minimum of 500 hours of clinical practice over a 5-year period. 

  1. Continuing Education Requirement

Every fifth year from the initial awarding of BCS-ASD status, renewal requires, in addition to payment of the annual fee and a completed Five-Year Renewal Form, documentation of 10 CEUs (100 contact hours). The CEUs must have been accumulated during the five-year period from when the BCS-ASD designation was awarded or last renewed. Up to 3.0 of the 10 CEUs may be in other relevant areas of practice (e.g., counseling, course development, outcome measure development, health care administration/reform issues, etc.).

 The intent of the CEU requirement is that specialists will engage in continuing education activities that update and further enhance their ability to serve people with ASD. For this reason, a significant proportion of the CEU requirement must be in activities directly related to ASD. At the same time, it is recognized that continuing education activities in other areas of knowledge and practice can contribute to the quality of practice in ASD. For this reason, up to 3.0 CEU outside the area of Autism Spectrum Disorders can be applied to meet CEU requirements for renewal.

 Payment and required documents must be received by the Administrative Office on or before the due date to avoid late fees or possible revocation of BCS-ASD status. The Board will respond to renewal applications within 30 days of their receipt. If the materials are approved, the BCS-ASD will receive a Renewal Certificate, which indicates that the BCS remains in good standing for the next five years pending the continued receipt of the Annual fees and Annual Membership Form.